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Hello, I’m Héctor.
Software Engineer

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Who am I?

Software engineer with 4 years of experience working in backend development. I describe myself as a very adaptive and self-motivated person. From working on consulting on big projects with a lot of people, passing to product development with high emphasis in quality, and finally in a small startup with a “move fast, break things' philosophy, I’m always comfortable with any challenge, and I’ll be able to face it autonomously and self-sufficiently.
Although I’m capable of working alone and owning a part of a product development, I love the feeling of working in a team, and I think that humor is a key to success at work.


University of Alicante
Master in Computer Science
University of Alicante
Bachelor in Computer Science


Nov 2020 - Nov 2022 (2 years)
Backend software developer

Being part of an early stage startup that provides apps for videogames assistance and coaching, I managed completely the backend of the company, providing API’s for our Android & IOS apps, being in charge of managing our AWS infrastructure and taking critical technical decisions to ensure that our users receive a stable and scalable system.

Technology stack:
● Node.js, Typescript.
● PostgreSQL
● Git & Github.
● CI: Github Actions.
● ESLint for code linting.
● Jest for testing.
● Firebase for users auth.
● AWS related: Elastic Beanstalk for our backend API servers, ECS clusters, AWS Lambda for serverless functions, RDS for managed Postgres databases, DynamoDB, Elasticache for managed Redis servers, Cloudwatch for logging and monitoring, S3 for static assets, Cloudfront as CDN.

Nov 2019 - Nov 2020 (1 year)
Software developer

Member of the Document Validation Squad, responsible of scanning the client’s documentation (ID, passport) in order to be able to rent a car in Goldcar as fast as possible. This team works following Agile principles and has a strong emphasis on quality assurance.

Technology stack:
● Java 8/11, Spring Boot.
● SQL Server.
● Git & Bitbucket/Gitlab
● CI: Jenkins & Gitlab CI.
● SonarQube for code analysis.
● JUnit, Mockito, Wiremock, Pact and FitNesse for testing.
● Notion for team knowledge, Jira as main source for managing tasks and agile sprints.

Nov 2018 - Nov 2019 (1 year)
Junior Software developer

Working for a consulting company, my client was Inditex, one of the largest spanish companies. I developed multiple microservices of vital importance for the intranet of Inditex (human resources, sales, logistics). I also migrated some old web services hosted in Weblogic servers to the new Openshift Platform.

Technology stack:
● Java 7 & 8, Spring and Spring boot as web frameworks.
● Oracle database server.
● Git & Bitbucket.
● CI: Bamboo.
● SonarQube for code analysis.
● Junit and Mockito for testing.
● Confluence for team knowledge, Jira to release management and deployment of microservices.

My projects

Taterubot - Audio messages with your friends on Discord

Taterubot is a Discord bot that allows recording voice messages and sending them on your server. Go + Postgres + Discord API + ffmpeg + Docker + AMPQ + Hexagonal Architecture + Github actions

Visit project site
Taterubot - Audio messages with your friends on Discord
Do not develop my app - Showcase of microservices in k8s

Do not develop my app - Showcase of microservices in k8s

Overly complicated project just to collect Rick and Morty cards. Go + React + CockroachDB + Microservices + Docker + GRPC + Google Sign in + CI/CD with Github Actions + GKE

Visit project site

Open source contributions to Mattermost

Tech used: mainly Go. I haved contributed to this public open source project, both in the core server and in different plugins(Jira, Github…). You can go to the Github pages of Mattermost and filter closed PR’s by my github handle hectorgabucio.

Visit project site
Open source contributions to Mattermost